Monday, January 7, 2013

A seventeen day vacation.

We had the most wonderful time in Utah for the Holidays!
We were able to spend two and a half weeks with our family and friends.
We jam packed our schedules so we could see everybody and do everything we wanted to.  
There is just something about being with family that makes life great. 
I hadn't seen my parents since August and that was far longer than I had ever gone without seeing them. 
So yes, I loved it!

Our trip was filled with so many fabulous things, including:
birthday parties
haircuts (finally for this guy)
Rock climbing, rock climbing and more rock climbing
Parties with friends and dates with more friends. 
Shopping a LOT. 
Multiple feet of snow. 
Lunches with friends.
Giggles with niece and nephews. 
and lots love from everyone we have missed so much. 

I didn't take pictures of everything but I did get a few good ones...

We had a fun little birthday party for my favorite niece.

This little man has the best giggles!

And this little man could make anyone smile, he is the happiest baby!

We say the lights on temple square a couple times.
My heavens, it is a MUST do if you are in Utah at Christmas time. 
They light up almost every tree on Temple square and through most of downtown. 

I was able to go to the temple a couple times, which was fabulous!
I miss being so close to so many temples.

This is my mom's amazing nativity that wipes out all the other nativities I talked about here
Yes, that is a frog playing the guitar in the background. haha. 

We ate a lot of my mother's amazing toffee, recipe here

We had a fabulous meal.
I miss my parents cooking so much!

This is my sister's traditional Christmas salad, it is so good!

My Dad has become a rock star at Banoffee pie.  
Recipe to come soon!

I had to post this adorable photo. His face cracks me up!
My sister made this adorable Santa hat with a matching diaper cover..
I told her she should start an Etsy shop! 

These kiddies loved playing 'Tails' with Uncle Dave. 
They run around and chase each other in order to grab each other's tails. 
It is hilarious. 

This was all I wanted for Christmas!
He is such a sweetheart.

The grandkids... Yes it took all 10 of us to get them all to smile!

The best siblings in the world!
I miss all of them so much!

This photo captures my favorite, most suspenseful moment of Christmas!
My dad bought himself and my mom tickets to fly to Florida in January to visit.
I have known they were coming since October and I have been dying to tell her.
This was her face when she opened up the gift... priceless!
Cannot wait for them to visit!

As you can see, we had a wonderful time. 
I wish I would have taken more photos with all the fabulous people we go to see. 
But it is much more important to enjoy the experience. 


  1. Aww, I'm so glad you had a long, wonderful vacation with your family! She totally should start an Etsy shop -- the hat is so cute, and how cute it comes with a matching diaper cover! I totally would have bought one! :)

    LOVE the one of your mom opening her gift -- what an awesome surprise! I'm so glad your family will be there to visit shortly!

  2. I loved seeing these pictures and I'm so glad you had such a fabulous time with your loved ones! That is indeed a beautiful nativity set. And all that food is making me salivate!

  3. I love all these pictures!!!! I miss you already!

  4. Great pictures! I feel like I was there. Looks like a fantastic Christmas. Hope you have an amazing 2013.

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  6. Lovely pictures and awesome photography.

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  7. Lovely pictures and blog! :) The food looks amazing and what an awesome family!

    Just found your blog through the blog hop- excited to follow along via GFC and read more!




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