Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Two Year Anniversary Celebrations


 We had a fabulous, low-key, two year anniversary last week.
We are saving up for our week long celebration in March but that is still a secret...
so we decided to do a simple celebration on the 27th of December. 
As I was telling one of my friends about our celebration, I noticed a common theme:

I was at my parents house and Dave picked me up with two dozen roses. 
We went to the dollar movie theater and watched Taken two.
We went to two of my favorite places to shop, the Rack and City Creek. 
I bought two things at every store I went to.
(I love having Christmas money to spend)
We went to our favorite Salt Lake Restaurant, The Blue Iguana
and we each ordered Two Chicken Enchiladas Verdes.
Then we went to our favorite Frozen Yogurt spot, Top it
and we got two bowls of frozen yogurt. 
We ended the night cuddling by the fire, watching The Odd Life of Timothy Green
Just the TWO of us. 

Did you notice the common theme of TWO? 
Kind of silly but it was our two year anniversary and all.
It was a treat to spend the night together reminiscing our wedding 
and the story of how we fell in love. 

What is your favorite thing to do to celebrate your anniversary?


  1. I love this two much! (haha) Sounds like a perfect two year anniversary! Congrats!

  2. my fav thing to do is watch the video from our wedding! happy TWO years!

  3. Aww, I love the two theme! We will be married 18 years in June. Wonder if I could swing the 18 theme?? Not sure my sweetie would like me buying 18 items at each store we visit! ;)

  4. What a fun theme thinger! That's awesome. I'm excited to hear all about your March plans :)
    Our favorite thing is actually to travel. That's one of our most favorite things to do EVER. Go everywhere & explore!

  5. Congrats! What a great anniversary! I love every single one, it feels like a milestone definitely worth celebrating! We never really plan it but we're always camping on our anniversary, I love camping but I'm hoping to break that and try something different next year.

  6. Haha so fun!! Marriage is just the best. :)

  7. Sound like a great way to celebrate a 2 year anniversary, we exchanged paper gifts for our first as the tradition but I like this two theme maybe we'll try something similar in June!
    Mrs Brown @Mrs Brown's Thoughts

  8. I love hearing about traditions people do for their anniversaries, and I don't feel like my husband and I have started any, partly because we are always so busy with school/broke to do much, but hopefully this year! Glad your celebrating was fun. =]

  9. So cute! Congratulations on 2 years!!!


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