Sunday, January 6, 2013

inspired by: my new birthday

The New Year brings with it the opportunity to start out fresh. With our three week vacation to Utah, our lives have been all over the place lately. Therefore, I am counting tomorrow as our New Years Day. My husband starts school Monday, I am starting a new job and we both are excited to get back into the swing of things at home. Sometime this week I will share more about my New Years goals that will hopefully make my life a little more balanced. 

We have really enjoyed looking back on the year of 2012 and remembering all the wonderful things we accomplished together and individually but there is something that inspires me about a fresh slate. There are so many opportunities that lie ahead of us this year. Whether it be a big trip, school opportunities, time with family, etc. I am thrilled with excitement about it.  When I was contemplating the wonderful things that lie ahead of us this year, I came across this little thought:

Charles Lamb is right on the money in my opinion, The New Year is just like having a birthday.  A brand new year ahead to do whatever you imagine, why not reach for the stars? I am thrilled to celebrate this 'birthday' and rededicate myself to the things that matter most. 

We spent as much time as we possibly could with this lovely lady and her husband while we were in Utah. She is one of my favorite people and I am excited for her to keep me in check of the little things that inspire me each week. If you are looking for something inspiring, stop by her blog today. As for me, today I am inspired by all the amazing opportunities that lie ahead. 


  1. Happy New Year! Good luck with the new job!!!!

  2. I like the birthday theory! So true! Happy new year to you both!

    xx kelly


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