Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Twinkly Lights.

Remember how we moved? 
And I shared some photos of our new place.
While I forgot to tell you we have a balcony. 
It is really small but it is perfect for just the two of us. 
And it is so great to have a place I can sit outside during my lunch break!
We are planning to get a BBQ because we left our old one in Utah. 
I cannot wait for those nights we have picnics on the balcony. 

For now we have two chairs and I put up some twinkly lights. 
Doesn't it look fun??

Right now we are enjoying our nights in the 70's... 
because we know they are not going to last very long!

 photo signaturesj_zpsc9aa01cb.png

Do you have a balcony? 
Any suggestions on fun ways to decorate it?


  1. the 70s?!?! Thats just crazy to me! It's still snowing over here!

    and the twinkle lights are a very nice touch :)

  2. SrahJane!! it's Jacy... from My Name is Jacy... HOW ARE YOU??

    Oh my GOSH I love balconies, especially when it's that gorgeous out! HOW FUN!

    and I love the pictures of your house!!! Did you get that rug at urban outfitters?? ;) LOVE IT!

    p.s. I started a new blog- which is why I have a new profile ;)


    Love ya!

  3. I do not have a balcony, but I do have a fun porch that I love. Too cold right not to sit outside at night in Idaho.

  4. Twinkly lights make any space better :)

  5. it's like this post was meant for me!! we have an old back alley behind our apartment that only has access from our unit. so naturally i turned it into a "yard" ... it's my latest post right now :) and we got a grill off craigslist for $60 and i'm tickled about it! go look go look!


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