Tuesday, March 5, 2013

First Floor Please.

This is the post where I tell you how much I love our new place. 
If you still live in a small apartment, I suggest you don't read this. 
You will want to move immediately. 

We moved into a town home over the weekend. 
we LOVE it. 
Double the space. 
Dish washer. 
Washer and Dryer. 
bath tub. 
basically the works. 

Now time for a tour of the downstairs...
yep, we have stairs now!

 I am so proud of that table, craiglist for $150 and they delivered for free!

 This is my new favorite rug. $50 at Rugs USA!
 The entire basement is tiled which is so great for the heat in Florida!

I love this picture of the temple. Costco- $50. Best deal ever. 

 Our landlord even put cute mirrors in the bathrooms... what middle age man thinks of that?

All new cabinets in the kitchen!
(Yes, I am still in love with my Kitchen Aid)

 I love the window in the kitchen, it makes it feel much more open!

The best part is
we can finally have people over!
I know it might seem small to you
but the whole down stairs is the size of our old apartment! 
And I even washed my dishes in the dish washer today! 
Life is good. 


  1. your place is so cute! that's awesome that you're able to entertain. it's one of my favorite things but unfortunately the places that we're looking to move into are about the size of your living room. guess it will be nice and cozy : )

  2. Awwwww! Congrats on the move! I think townhomes are actually really large especially compared to apartments. I love the layout of the kitchen and the table you found was an absolute steal! Craigslist you say? Thanks for the tip lol

  3. That looks like an awesome place! My fiance and I just started looking for places and I only hope we can find such a great place.

  4. Ooo.. your place is so cute! Love it!

  5. Yay I love it! It looks absolutely amazing, congrats on the move :)

  6. A new place is so much fun! I love your mirror by the dining room table. It think mirrors can help make spaces bigger, too.

  7. so cute! this makes me SO excited for a house one day!

  8. So nice to hear you are loving your new place. All that space must be incredible nice. I love it! Congratulations. :)


  9. We just moved into a townhome a couple weeks ago too! You are on the ball with pics up already! GO YOU! New follower from the giveaway! looking forward to following your adventures!

  10. See?! This is what is so great about married life. You start little. And when you get more, and earn more, you become so much more grateful for what you have. I LOVE your apartment and your rug is so cute. Congrats, girl! So exciting.


  11. LOVE your table and rug! And who doesn't love a dishwasher?? I'm enjoying the sound of mine as I type :)


  12. So super cute. I love it!! It looks perfect.


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