Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Christmas Decor on a budget.

First off, have you entered my twenty-five winner giveaway yet?!
Okay, now that you have entered...
We are heading home to Utah this year for Christmas..
Can I get a WAHOOO?? 
We are really excited... just 18 days left until we go home.
Anyways... this leads me to the fact that we won't be here on Christmas day. 
I love christmas trees but I just can't convince myself to pay for one
when we are gone for three weeks of the holiday season. 
So I purchased a few other things to help our apartment feel the Christmas spirit.

1. Cinnamon Pine Cones
These are essential in my opinion. They act like an air freshener and your apartment smells like christmas!
Dave was skeptical at first but now he wants a bag for our bedroom and one for the car too!
$2.99 for a bag of them at Michaels!

2. Wreath- Inside the front door
Okay, I know this may be weird but I like to put our wreath inside the door. 
We don't get very many visitors at our place and I like to look at it. 
I love all the fun ideas for wreaths this year but I wanted to use the pine one so it would kind of substitute for our tree.
I think I paid about $7 for all the supplies at Michael's.

3. A bowl of Peppermints
First off, I think a candy bowl is essential in every home. Sometimes you just need a little treat!
yes, we made this bowl at Color Me Mine while we were dating :)
Peppermints are ESSENTIAL to the holiday season. So yummy. 
$1.50 for a small bag at Publix.

4. Stockings and lights
Since we don't have a tree, I just put lights around our little Tv stand- Don't judge my tape on the side haha
As for the stockings.. I made them with the help of my mom last year. Homemade is so much better than store bought!
They are just burlap and felt, with lace and ribbon addition on mine and buttons and more burlap on his. 
I love them so much- I will definitely make similar ones for my kids. 
$2.50 for the lights at target & I think I paid $12 for the stocking supplies last year.

5. Snowman Light
Isn't it cute? It is our own little night light. 
My mother in law sent it to us to add to the christmas decor this year. 

Sometimes I get so stressed with Holiday decor because I want to do everything.
Plus, the blogging world doesn't help because I see so many cute things!!
But I do have to come to the realization that we are still in school
 and need to keep decorations to a minimum. 
Just remember, you really can add little things that are so simple and inexpensive
that will bring the holiday spirit to your home :)

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  1. cute! i love the cinnamon pinecones!

  2. Love this! You have the cutest ideas. I'll have to try that pinecone thing .And the wreath I made last year almost looks just like yours. So exciting you get to go home for Christmas :)

  3. I can totally relate with the whole not wanting to get a Christmas tree thing, we're in the same boat. You're so much more festive and creative than me though, I haven't done any decorating haha. Your ideas are super cute, love all the simple/cheap/adorable ideas!


  4. Cute!! I love your decorations and the whole candy bowl is amazing! I LOVE cinnamon pinecones! :) Best thing to smell when walking into a store!

  5. I have cinnamon pine cones! the house smells amazing:) great ideas and they are less expensive!

  6. When we were in school and would come home for the holidays, I could never rationalize anything major, either -- especially not a tree! They're pricey, especially in Florida! :( I ended up finding a tiny (like, 3 footer) Christmas tree at the Goodwill for $5 so I'd always put that up in the corner of our apartment but it didn't have lights and was sad, haha. I like your decor ideas so much better! This is only our 3rd year getting a tree since we've been in our house and I am loving it! I think I might still have that tiny little tree somewhere!

    LOVE your peppermint candy display! I have some of those, actually...I'll have to put them on display!

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  8. Brandon doesn't know this, but I am going to Michael's tomorrow to get lots of Christmas decorations. I tried making snowflakes last night but white walls and white paper was not very successful. I just may end up blowing my paycheck... :)

  9. Great job on the Christmas decor! I can't wait to see you soon!

  10. so we will be leaving utah in approximately 23 days, lol (thought i would count it up). and i am kind of feeling the same way, however we did buy a mini tree and some lights and ornaments. however, next up is a wreath and a banner for me. great ideas you have, those mints are my favorite!


  11. Your decorating is beautiful. I really love the header of your blog, such great photos! Found you through a GFC Blog hop and excited to be a new follower! I hope you will stop by my site if you get a chance!


  12. That snowman light is adorable!

  13. Great ideas, everything is so cute! I love the cinnamom pine ones.

  14. We bought cinnamon pinecones as soon as we saw them in stores! I love seeing your decorations on a budget, we are in the same boat. Pinterest and other blogs make me want to go decoration crazy but we just can't, so it's nice to see some budget friendly ideas :)

  15. Honestly, in the grand scheme of things....decorating your house isn't the true meaning of the holidays. Sure, it's fun and festive, but at the end of the day, what matters is spending time with your loved ones (which you will be doing) and celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ! ;)

  16. Just found you on the Followers to Friends blog hop! Love your blog!
    Megan @

  17. such a good idea about the wreath. i'm actually afraid people might steal my wreathes! and i want to look at em more :)

  18. thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. i LOVE LOVE LOVE your christmas stockings. SO pretty! totally jealous that you made them! i seem to have zero sewing ability!

  19. I so adore your Christmas stockings. I think you guys should definitely make and sell these, I would totally buy some! Also, we live in a weird no outlet community within a cul-de-sac so no one is ever around to see outdoor decorations so I'm totally stealing your wreath idea...THANKS!!! Loving your blog!

  20. LOVE cinnamon pinecones. Christmas decorations make me crazy. I want to by EVERYTHING! it is worse than shopping for clothes times ten!!!

  21. I love, love, love those pinecones! I want to make a string of them for my mantle. They would smell good and look pretty!

  22. Hey Hun,
    So I found your blog through That Friday Blog Hop and I am so glad I did!
    I am addicted to Christmas and I love all your beautiful Christmas pictures, gosh I want to go home and decorate my house right now!

  23. I would be too much to get a Christmas tree when you're going to be gone for most of it.

    I think you've done a great job giving your home a Christmas feel without the tree. Your wreath is beautiful!

  24. This year isn't an overly "special" Christmas, last year was our first year married, the year before the first one in our new house etc. We're so busy and traveling a lot I was less than interested in a tree - but it was a big deal to the hubs. So we compromised. It's the only thing going up this year (I might break and stick up the stockings) and we skipped putting lights on it because that just seemed like such a hassle. I was grumpy about it at first, but then again - it's so nice to come home to some decorations. Even if they're just for the two of us!
    I love your pine cone idea - I will have to grab some tonight!!
    I found you via the link-up!

  25. Love. It. All!


  26. I love your little nightlight snowman!!

  27. Ah, I love the cinnamon pinecones! They smell awesome and are super affordable! And, how adorable is that snowman light?!

  28. Cute! I love your stockings! I never saw those last year. And we love the scented pine cones at Christmas time.


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