Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hollywood Studios.

Hard to believe but the real reason we went to Orlando was not for Gatorland. 
As Florida residents, you can get a fabulous deal for Disney tickets. 
We bought three day pass tickets back in February for $120. 
So we decided to spend Saturday at Hollywood Studios in Disney World!
We really loved the park but I think I liked Magic Kingdom more. . . 
Holly wood studios doesn't have a princess castle but they do have a huge version of Mickey's hat!

 I was brave and road the Tower of Terror with Dave... Can you spot us? 
Dave had to hole my hand because he was so scared!

 I loved the Beauty and the Beast show, it may have been my favorite part!

We got front row seats on the Rockin' Roller coaster...
It was insane! Dave's hair looked so fabulous after as you can tell! 

 This picture is hilarious! 
We had our 3D glasses on right before going on Star Tours. 

 The closest thing we will see to Southern Utah was on the Backlot Tour ride. 
It is so amazing what they can do with screen sets these days!

 This was the most incredible stunt show, probably Dave's favorite show of the day. 
That red car also went off a huge jump in reverse!

 The Fantasmic show was incredible! 
It is partly shown on a projector on the fountains. 
It was fun to see all the characters,
we didn't see them around the park as much as we did in Magic Kingdom. 

We love Disney. 
We will definitely be returning again soon. 


  1. Oh man I love this! Looks like you guys had so much fun. Lucky perks of being a FL resident!

  2. with my choir we went and did something along the same lines.
    all i remember is i went on tower of terror like 10 times. haha.


  3. Disney puts on some incredible shows. I love everything about Disney from the clean parks, flowers to the Tower of Terror. (So much fun! The staging totally makes it).

  4. I loved the stunt show! It was one of my favorite things to do in Disneyworld!



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