Monday, March 11, 2013

Gator Land.

Dave had Spring Break all last week. 
I had to work all week and I was super jealous. 
So we decided to head to Orlando for the weekend to make up for it. 
We got a hotel on priceline for a STEAL!
I took the afternoon off on Friday and we headed to Gatorland. 
I have never seen so many alligators and crocodiles in my life!

 Dave get's super embarrassed when I ask random people to take our picture so we have no pictures of us together...

 All the babies were cuddling... it was kind of cute until I realized they were gators. 

 This guy grew up with parrots... these birdies reminded him of home. 

 This is the craziest hick I have ever seen.. 

 Is he even joking me? 

You guessed it, Dave was super embarrassed when I made him pose for this priceless beauty. 

 Just cuddling and lounging in the sun. 

This picture is going to be in my nightmares, so creepy!

In case you were wondering, 
we learned that you should NOT run zig-zag. 
That is a myth. 
And the main difference between alligators and crocodiles is
Alligators have a U shaped nose and Crocodiles have a V shaped nose. 

I bet you want to visit Florida now, don't you!?


  1. That bright blue gator mouth with those giant teeth is a great photo! I always wondered what the difference between gators and crocs is so that little fact was interesting.

  2. ahh this is crazy! now i kind of want to go //slash am even more scared of gators! i'm mad that the zig zag run is a myth, that was always my game plan if i was attacked! love the pic of dave in the cut-out..definitely worth his embarrasement haha. lastly, that guy with his chin on the gator! he has to be joking us! haha miss and loveeee you!

  3. I don't know how far you are from Orlando but if you're ever back, seriously, you need to go to Jungle Adventures. It's in this little itty-bitty town called Christmas (for real) in the middle of nowhere. It is THE most redneck "theme park" ever, but that's what makes it so fun. My husband can't understnad how no one has died/they haven't been shut down -- they walk the panthers on leashes, you can feed the alligators with hot dogs on sticks -- it's seriously the best, hahahaha.

  4. time I come to Florida, I'm coming there. That looks like so much fun! Even though I'm absolutely terrified of gators!


  5. "until i realized they were gators." Hahahahahaha! Best line.

  6. I always feel weird asking people to take a picture. My brother is notorious for flipping the iPhone camera and taking pictures of himself and then handing it back and running away. Ha. It looks like a lot of fun!

    - Kaileigh @

  7. How should you run, then? Just in a straight line? Is it also a myth that there aren't crocodiles in Florida?

    1. Taylor! Haha crazy weird huh? They said to run straight! As fast as you can :) and I think the are definitely crocodiles because we saw some. Maybe just the majority of them are alligators.


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