Thursday, February 7, 2013

Wedding Series: Wedding!

Love is one of my favorite things. 
I enjoy reading stories about love. 
I enjoy listening to songs about love. 
I enjoy watching people fall in love. 
But most of all I enjoy talking about our love story. 

In honor of LOVE month, I want to post more about our wedding. 
I started posting about our wedding in December for our anniversary. 
You can read more about the proposal and look at our engagement photos 
but this post is dedicated to our actual wedding. 

We were married for time and all eternity in the Salt Lake City Latter-Day Saint Temple. 
It was one of the happiest days of my life. 
We were surrounded by so many people who love and care about us
and I have never felt so much LOVE at one point in my life. 

I was so giddy and happy all day long. 
It truly was the best day of my life. 
I hope you enjoy a few of my favorite pictures. 

Don't forget to go check out my guest post over at  The Meaningful Pursuit today.
I am so excited to be apart of the 14 days of love....


  1. "Love is one of my favorite things"--I love your phrase! And your wedding pictures are gorgeous, too!

  2. Love, love your wedding photos. You guys are absolutely adorable!! Your love for each other is so evident. :)

  3. These wedding photos are gorgeousness, I love everything about love too. I even love the word love, it exudes such... love lol. My absolute favorite photo in the world is the 6th photo, your facial expression is pure awesomeness haha. But then again, I love all these photos. They're amazing.

  4. LOVE those pictures, girl! You were a stunning bride.


  5. Those are some really great photos. I don't have beautiful photos of my wedding like that.

  6. All these photos are gorgeous! This is so funny because this morning I woke up and thought "I should do a wedding day post today." So currently I am putting together a lovely post for the world to see. And then I see that you have done the same thing. I love it.

  7. GORGEOUS photos! I'm in love with love too. Ahhhh.

  8. I LOVE love too :) Loved seeing the pics from you special day, they are beautiful!

  9. Love these pictures, you two are so fun and such a beautiful couple. Thanks again for posting!!

  10. Gorgeous! You both look stunning and those are probably some of the cutest wedding shoes I've ever seen.

  11. i love your wedding pictures
    and that you got married
    and it is so crazy to me to think that i didn't know you on that day.
    i knew ben was headed back to provo early to play piano at a wedding - funny how much can change :)

    love you


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