Thursday, December 20, 2012

Wedding Series: Engagement photos

Photography was a very important part to the wedding for me. 
I really wanted to have photos that we would continue to look at forever. 
Luckily, Dave's family is close friends with the amazing
If you haven't heard of him before- you should definitely take a look. 
He is based in Salt lake but I know he travels too. 

For our engagement shoot, we went out to saltair on the great salt lake. 
It was a beautiful combination of colors.
I hope you enjoy these favorite photos of mine as much as I do. . . 

Does anyone else want to get married again to the same person?
It was so much fun! 


  1. Beautiful, beautiful! I absolutely love the setting yall chose!

  2. These are so gorgeous Sarah! Just like you :) I really hope you are enjoying your time with your family! Come back soon so we can finally get together! Ps I need your address because I bought something for you!

  3. Beautiful pics!

    I definitely would love to marry my husband again. So fun!

  4. Awww....beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing and I would definitely marry my husband again :)
    Merry Christmas!


  5. i want to every day.
    i think because of how many different photos i have on my computer i am able to not go through wedding and engagement photos everyday.
    but i want to get married everyday. not kidding
    love these photos.


  6. Those are awesome pics of you guys! Pictures is def a very main important thing with weddings! I shouted you out on the blog today, just thought I'd let you know!


  7. Those are beautiful! Um I would have no problem getting married again to the same man :) glad I'm not alone!

  8. I love how these photos turned out! So gorgeous,especially love the ones in the tall grass.

  9. So beautiful. We just had our engagement pictures done a few weeks ago and I'm so incredibly excited to get them back. Finding the right photographer was my most important aspect as well!

  10. FABULOUS! Love this "beach" scenery ;)

  11. me me me :)

    and i have always been obsessed with your engagement pictures. since that first day i met you :) can you believe that was almost two years ago? and somehow i feel like i've known you forever :)


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