Sunday, December 9, 2012

Wedding series: Our Engagement Story.

Our two year anniversary is coming up this month. December 27th to be exact. So naturally, I thought it would be fun to write some posts about our wedding and the story of us. This one is all about the engagement, I hope you enjoy our story.  
July 30th, 2010
I was playing games with my favorite grandpa in the whole wide world. 
Playing games with him was a regular occurrence and we of course decided to make homemade ice cream too. 
There was always lots of delicious food involved with my grandfather so when Dave called and asked if I wanted to go to Cheesecake Factory for dinner, my immediate reaction was no way.  This was very rare because I love that restaurant. Instead, we ended up at a lighter restaurant and another favorite of ours, Mi Ranchito.  Dave is a gentlemen and usually is never on his phone during our date night dinners. However, he wouldn't stop texting throughout most of dinner- it was just plain rude. After dinner we planned to go do a multi pitch climb in Parley's Canyon that Dave's friend told him about.  He had been talking about how much he wanted to do the climb for a while so I was game for going. (Plus if you know us well... then you know climbing is one of our favorite things to do) 

When we got to the climbing cliff, we were looking around for 20 minutes trying to find the climb. I was of course getting annoyed because I thought Dave already knew where it was. Finally we decided to do a climb that we had done a lot before and one that wasn't my favorite. I wasn't too excited but I was ready to climb already and find something else to do for the evening.  I belayed Dave first and he was climbing really slow- really Dave? He was being so weird. Once he came down, he wanted to do the same climb again 'for exercise.' REALLY? At this point I was annoyed. -- First you couldn't find the 'multi pitch' climb (I later found out that it never existed) and now you want me to belay you again!? (Later I found out this was so we could get a perfect sunset... see photo below- beautiful right?)
Finally, it was my turn to climb :) Dave belayed me from the top of them climb- which i don't love but it worked better for this climb because we would have had to hike up and out anyways.  As I was coming over the top of the rock, I was looking up and I was someone in the bushes-- strange right? Then I looked down-rose pedals all over the ground, blowing in the wind-and I see Dave on one knee with the most beautiful ring in his hand (yes, I picked it out-- we had been ring shopping since February). 
"SarahJane Walton, will you be my wife" 
Then we kissed and kissed some more... see photo below.
Yes, he had our friends hiding in the bushes. They came up after us and brought the bouquet of flowers and my favorite dessert- key lime pie. We sat there, watching the most amazing sunset- eating key lime pie- and talking about the our incredible future that lay ahead of us. 
And yes... I did put my fancy ring on my chalky, dirty hand. 
And yes, I realize this is not an attractive photo... but hey, we were climbing.
It was the second best day of my life. 
I love our engagement story- Dave couldn't have made it more perfect. 


  1. I got annoyed the day Marcus proposed too! Hahaha so funny. Cute story! How did you guys meet?

  2. I love love love this! The photo of him on one knee and your face is so precious! Not many people could say that they have a proposal story like yours! xxx

  3. Awwwwwwwww! That is so sweet!:)

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  4. This is so, so sweet!! I love that he had friends hiding in the bushes...engagement pictures are some of the best!!

  5. SOOOOOO adorable!!!! Love that you posted this!

  6. He is so sweet! How creative of him...

  7. Such a cute story, and the pictures are awesome!

  8. SOOO Cute!!!
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  9. That is an awesome engagement story! We got engaged in July 2010 and married in December 2010, too! It was a good year!

  10. Cute! Thanks for sharing such a sweet story

  11. Love it :) Love the ring on the chalky hand. So perfect. Can't wait for more of the series :)

  12. why do they like annoying us before they propose? my bishop had a huge sign saying will you marry me and put it on a cliff making his wife climb up to the cliff to get her ring haha.

  13. That is so cute! My fiancé took me out to dinner before and was texting up a storm and I thought it was so weird, too! Hehe! Gotta love men that try so hard to make a day so perfect :)


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