Sunday, January 13, 2013

You are unrepeatable.

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When I was in young and naive (high school), I always felt like I wanted to be more like other people. I wanted to fit in with the cool crowd and wear the cool clothes and drive the cool car. I wanted to be from a rich family and have the coolest parents that didn't give me a curfew on the weekends. Now that I am sophisticated and mature older and married, I often think about how grateful I am that we are all different. Each of us was created to be our own individual. There is no one like us in the entire universe, what a special thing to sit and ponder. I came across the thoughts above when I was reading through my stash of quotes. I love how the three of them together sum up the importance of being yourself. Everyone around you can make their own choices and be whoever they want to be but YOU get to choose who YOU are. You get to be yourself and no one can mold you into something different.  Today I am inspired by the uniqueness of an individual. It is encouraging to know that I was divinely designed to be just the way I am. This profound knowledge inspires me to be the best SarahJane that I can be. 

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  2. Sounds like a lesson I gave to the Young Women in my Church last week. No one is just like us. We are all unique. Great message.

  3. Love these quotes. Great reminder.

  4. Love this message... thanks for the wonderful reminder to be the person God has chosen us to be, not who other people tell us to be!

  5. Great post. It's really important not to try to be like somebody else. Things won't go right for that person. Being yourself is the best thing you can be. Also learn the talents that we have in are selves that we never knew we had.


  6. Love this post! Definitely true and I can relate about your highschool days, trying to fit in seemed so important when in reality being your own individual self is much cooler and being different will get you far :)
    Found your blog on the blog hop! Love it!


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