Monday, January 14, 2013

Don't forget to run zig-zag. {winner}

Did you know if an alligator is after you, they tell you to run zig-zag because alligators can't change direction quickly?
Did you know the alligators ability to close it's jaw is really strong but it's ability to open it's jaw is so 
weak that a human can hold it's mouth shut with two fingers?
Did you know alligators live across the street from me?
Ya, me neither.

When we found out where we would be living in Gainesville, I started looking at the map. 
I noticed there was a fairly big lake by our apartment.
I love hanging out by the lake all day so I was pretty excited. 
The first day we got to Gainesville, we walked down to the lake and this was what we found...

Are you kidding me?
There are alligators in my lake!?!
Well, it gets worse. 
They come out of the lake. 
And they love to sun bathe on the grass all day long. 
There goes my days by the lake...

Yes, all of these photos were taken by me. 
Right outside my apartment. 
chomp. chomp. 

Oh yeah, remember this fabulous giveaway??
If your name is Genna Newman then it is your lucky day!
winner winner, chicken dinner!
Look for an email from me lady.


  1. Either you're a seriously brave woman or your camera has some awesome zoom capabilities! holy moly!

  2. YIKES! I don't get along well with reptiles. -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  3. YAY! Love giveaways :) and seriously, that is terrifying. I would be scared for my dog mostly lol

  4. the one time i went to FL we went and saw some gators.
    too scary for me. be safe! haha


  5. Oh my goodness, I'd be terrified. Before I visited Australia for the first time I spent a lot of time researching snakes, spiders and crocs. I saw a croc at the beach (salt water), sea snakes, but thank goodness no large arachnids. In many ways the crocs/alligators are the ones you should be most afraid of. How far away is the apartment?

    Rosie xo

  6. Right outside of your apt!?
    Holy buckets. I would crap my pants.

  7. That is SO crazy!! My friend's husband served his mission in Florida and he always tells us that he had a really bad experience of getting too close to an alligator...nothing life threatening or injuring, but my friend said he won't even really talk about it with her. I would be absolutely terrified!

  8. Hahahaha, love it! I've lived in South Florida (near the Everglades) my whole life, so I think gators are sweet and they don't bother me. I mean, of course, you can't swim in the lakes which stinks buuuuut...I guess you get used to it. When my parents first moved us to the Everglades-y area I was raised from Miami, it was all Everglades, a few homes, not much developed. (Now it's a huge, sprawling suburb. Strange how that happens, but that was '94). Anyway, back then, gators would just be walking down the street and you'd just have to call the wildlife people to bring them back to the water.

    My parents have a lake house a little closer to where you are (in Lake county!) and my dad fell into a gator nest a few months ago. Somehow he startled the mama gator and babies who took off and he managed to get out of the water but that was pretty terrifying. Oy vey. Florida problems! Hahaha.

  9. Hahaha - you guys did just the opposite of me. I moved to Utah from the Georgia/Florida border. For me, alligators are totally normal. I had a friend go to an alligator park and she couldn't believe that they didn't have fences to block the guys from the humans. Ha. Utah was pretty normal to me, but then I moved to AZ and apparently there is a lizard here that, if it bites you, has a grip so strong that you have to drown it to get it off of you. Alligators I can handle, but a little demon lizard? Kind-of scary.

  10. EEEEEEEEKKKKK!!!!!! We have alligators in near our home too. They tend to hang out on the golf course. People are told to just ignore them. Ya, NO!! I'll ignore them by NOT choosing golf as my hobby. I don't want to be alligator's thank you!!

  11. Um scary! I remember visiting my grandparents and they had crocs in their backyard. Thankfully we were able to watch them from the safety of a screened in porch.

  12. oh my word. please dont die. please dont die. please dont die.

    because then i would die.

    and then dave and ben would both die.

    and that is far too much death for an alligator to cause.


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