Friday, October 5, 2012

Enjoy the little things {2}

Do you remember this post from last Friday? 
Well, I think I liked it so much that I will make it a weekly thing.
 So I hope you liked reading about it too. 

Enjoy the little things in life
Because it is the little things 
that make life worth living. 

As far as this week goes, here are the little things I loved:

-Being surrounded by amazing women, feeling the spirit and being inspired all at once. -- The general relief society broadcast. 

-Shopping with Dave and having him not complain about the polka dot chambray shirt I need want. 

-Friends inviting us over for Sunday night games and rootbeer floats. 
-Only having to watch one 1 year old on Mondays instead of two- way easier!

-Delicious BBQ Chicken pizza for dinner, recipe here

-Children you are watching sleep for the full 2 hours they are supposed to during their nap.

-Other women cheering your husband on while he climbs his heart out. 

-Scoring 20th row seats to the big UF vs. LSU game on Saturday-- Student tickets are totally random!

-Watching Romney kick butt  dominate in the first presidential debate. 

-Finding my husband studying in the shower with his notecards wrapped in plastic-- he always make me laugh.

-The opportunity to snuggle up all weekend watching General Conference and be strengthened and edified. 

-Date night- aka a night out just me and Dave-- maybe mexican and a movie- taken 2?? We will see where the night takes us. 

-Best of all-- a Happy Happy birthday to my amazing Father. I have the best dad in the world! I wish we were there to celebrate with him! I love you dad! 

Isn't this cute-- Dancing with my mom!

What little things did you enjoy this week?


  1. Romney did kick some serious butt!!
    Yay for a great week, and happy birthday to your dad!!

  2. Go Romney!! :-). You are truly blessed to have an awesome dad....Happy Birthday to a dad who got it right!! Xoxo

  3. This is my most favorite weekend of the year. No doubt! Such a nice conclusion to the winning debate.

    (Your dad looks so happy!)

  4. Love this, SJ! A good reminder to keep your eye on the little things that make you happy, thanks!

  5. Notecards in the shower?! I die!

  6. Awwww...this is super duper sweet!!! LOVE IT!

  7. Just came across your blog and wanted to tell you that I think you are darling! General Conference...AMAZING so far, huh? Just the rejuvenation I have needed...and we still have tomorrow! I love the notecards in the shower thing...hahaha hilarious!

  8. Amen on the little things girl!


  9. I love this post. I've been thinking about the little things too, and it is so true. It is the little things and appreciation for them that bring smiles and appreciation for life and happiness.

    Love it!


    swaney e


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