Friday, September 28, 2012

Enjoy the little things.

My mom is the most incredible woman. I could go on for hours about how much I look up to her and how truly amazing she is! I love her so much. Today I thought I would share something she taught me from a young age.

Enjoy the little things in life
because it is the little things
 that make life worth living.

She is always reminding me of this. Every time I go over to her house she would ask me if I noticed the most recently bloomed flower or she would ask if I noticed the beautiful color leaves on the mountain. Most of the things she would talk about involved the beauty of the earth, which she most definitely gained an appreciation for because of her Father. She always takes time to enjoy the little things.

Here is a small list of the little things I enjoyed this week:

-Lots of giggles from the two kiddies I nanny.

-Dave forgetting to leave the frozen chicken out to defrost before dinner, resulted in going out for dinner.

-New friends inviting us out for dinner this weekend. 

-Catching up with everyone of my siblings and both my parents this week. 

-A professor from Dave's department inviting us over for an incredible dinner last night, along with a few other students in the department. (Everyone is so nice here!)

-Making snickerdoodles late Sunday evening because my husband loves sweets as much as I do. 

-The annual General Relief Society meeting for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is on Saturday and I am so excited to go and get a spiritual pick me up from the most amazing leaders! Learn more here.

-Giggling with my husband before bed.

-Winning my first blog giveaway!! Check it out here.

-Singing as loud as possible with my hubby to MJ

-Getting done with nannying at 530 today and knowing I don't have to leave Dave's side again until Monday morning :)

(because i love pictures and i think every post needs a photo
and his kisses are definitely one of the little things I enjoy each day!)

It really is the little things that make life worth living. Thanks mom for always teaching me this. 
What little things did you enjoy this week?


  1. Don't you love when something unforeseen happens and you just HAVE to go out to dinner!? BLISS!

    You two are so sweet! Happy Weekend!

  2. Oh my heck I just blogged about this (posting it tomorrow). Like..I had some weird epiphanY CLEANING MY SINK on the little things. I'm odd. But I love this. And it really is so incredibly true.

  3. You are a doll. I love my mom. She is an amazing lady. In fact, I like this post. I'm following you back. xoxo

  4. is that you two in that pic? if so, it's a great pic - and I need some leg toning like you have! hahaha. love the little things :) it's always the little things that lead up to the big!

  5. So, so true!

    I can't wait to see you in your brand new scarf!!

    I'm also excited about the broadcast tomorrow night!

  6. So true! The little things are the best! I used to nanny in college and I loved it! Congrats on winning your first giveaway! I won my first one today actually! Hey, it makes all the entering worth it. Have a great weekend! New follower.

  7. cutest post ever you!

  8. That is the most adorable photo! I love how positive you are...keeps me coming back! :) Great post!

  9. yep...sometimes we need someone to remind us. I've been blessed by little baby smiles this week :)

  10. I wholeheartedly agree with this, the little things definitely make up the BIG things in life! Stopping by from the Friday Chaos Bloghop to say hello! Am newest follower by GFC. We'd love a follow back?
    Vikki x

  11. Oh yeah, the little things are awesome reasons to be happy! And winning a giveaway is always fun!

  12. I love that saying. I need to print that out and hang it up.
    I have heard it before, but I need to focus on it more.
    BTW, congrats on winning the giveaway.

    Thanks for stopping by and linking up with Lovin' The Weekend Blog Hops! I am now following your blog.

    Have a great weekend

  13. LOVE THIS!!!! Everything about it is beautiful!

    Thanks again for linking up at Friday Chaos! Can't wait to get to know you better ( newest follwer!)

  14. Whoop! I'm your 200th follower ,girl!

  15. Hey there I'm new here. What a lovely post :) YaAaY for winning a giveaway. I enjoyed a midweek getaway with my hubby, was lovely to break my daily routine and relax.

    Have a great weekend.

    Catriona @ Precious Impressions

  16. Haha it sort of looks like you are pulling away from his kiss in that last picture ;)
    Love this post!
    Are you coming to our blog party?!

  17. Such a cute post! Thanks for linking up to Instafriends! I can't wait to check out more of your blog!!


  18. Aw! Nice picture! Thanks for linking up at Super Sunday Sync!

    Check out my Mommy blog at:
    Visit anytime!
    {All follows are returned}
    Come play on Sundays @
    Super Sunday Sync!

  19. Mom's are great for good advice and momisms. Sweet blog! Thanks for following me! Following you back. :)

  20. Very beautiful post, and a great reminder to us all! Thanks for sharing!

  21. sweet photo and good advice. Have a great Sunday!!

  22. Aw, nice write up, and great pic (Every Post Does Need a Photo :) ).

    Following with GFC. Happy Sunday!

  23. I totally agree, it is the little things in life that make all the difference !
    I am currently hosting a blog hop over at my blog

  24. love this.
    photo credit : me :P
    last year this time : wonderful
    this year: still wonderful - but wishing we were in the lake in the photo :P

  25. It really is the little things that matter in life! Your blog is darling! :) Cute picture of you and your hubby. I am your newest follower. Want to follow each other?

  26. Awww, you two are so cute! I love posts that are sweet like this! -Jessica L


  27. I don't mean this in a creepy way but you have really nice legs.

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