Sunday, October 7, 2012

I know it. I live it. I love it.

This weekend was absolutely fabulous. Now that I finally am working again, I am so much more grateful for the time off on the weekend!

Friday night I was missing my sweet Father's birthday celebration so we went out to Five Guys in his honor. We don't do burgers and fries very often but man it was delicious.

Saturday we went to the Gator game. I can't remember the last time I lost my voice at a football game! It was incredible! We beat LSU 14-6 and it was a close game! I think I have finally become a true gator. -We also had 20th row tickets so that made it extra fun!

The rest of the weekend was spent watching General Conference. It was so amazing. All of the talks were beautiful and the spirit was so strong! I decided I would dedicate this week to a recap of a few of my favorite thoughts from conference. So be sure to check back each day for an uplifting thought. I hope you enjoy!

This is probably one of the most popular quotes from this weekend's conference. Sister Ann Dibb is in the Young Women General Presidency. She talked about running into a teenage girl at the grocery store who was wearing a shirt that said 'I am mormon, are you?' She was so impressed with the young woman's confidence and boldness that she thought for a while about what she would want her shirt to say.  The image above is what she thought of-- I am a Mormon- I know it. I live it. I love it.  She went on to speak of each part of this saying and why she would choose it to represent her.  It was a powerful and inspiring message.  It made me have a desire to let everyone know that I, too, am a mormon-- I know it, I live it and I love it. 

You can watch her AMAZING talk here.  
I promise you will feel so much love and peace as you hear her words. 
Plus, it is only like 10 minutes? Why not watch it? 


  1. That was such a great talk! I love this printable for that quote, I've seen a few and this is honestly my favorite!

  2. I loved that one, too. She stood out to me. But, they were all amazing. I wish we could have a weekend like that EVERY weekend.

  3. This is so sweet you guys are darling! Nice to meet ya chicky! Stop by my blog when you get a second and lets be friends? Maybe we could follow each other??

  4. Yay! I'm excited you will be posting thoughts from it everyday!

  5. seriously such a great talk and conference weekend!

  6. What a great talk! Thank you for sharing -- it really was very interesting!

  7. Yay for the Gator Game!! I miss living in Gainesville and being able to go to games on the weekends!

  8. I found your blog on the blog hop...hoping you'll follow back :)


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