Wednesday, July 18, 2012

two.5 weeks

Being 22 is the best. 
I had a fabulous birthday!
It started with this delicious breakfast in bed..
 these beautiful roses were involved...
 the National Museum of History at the U...
 Dave loves tarantulas.. 
 We might get eaten by alligators in Florida...
 Delicious dinner at Pf Changs with my babe and the best in-laws.
 Like I said,
best birthday ever. 
It also included the bestest friends.
delicious dessert at cheesecake factory with my favorite family.
new climbing shoes.
And fabulous gifts. 
Thanks to everyone who celebrated with me!

We even got to head to bearlake with my family the next day!
We took everyone to climb in Echo Canyon on the way,
I didn't get any photos... but it was a blast. 
 Brady loves his Grandma...
 Cutest little family. 
 I always take a model photo of Dave everywhere we go...
I have hundreds of them :)
 look at that cute little monster... what a hunk.
 My Dad even showed up for Sunday afternoon!
 We almost died on the jet ski... literally submerged in water at one point.
 Superman cape?
 I think I might miss him the most when we leave....
(besides my mommy)

Let's just say we are livin' it up before we head to Florida!
We have two.5 weeks left in the 801.

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  1. I still can't believe you are moving. This is all just so weird. We are all suppose to live close together forever! I love that last picture of you and Brady. I feel like I don't even know him and it makes me so sad.


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