Wednesday, July 25, 2012

twelve days.

we have very little time left. 
I had my first meltdown about it yesterday. 
eeeeeek. twelve days. 
along with packing a little bit each day, 
we like to have a lot of 'Utah' fun too.

We have been climbing a lot. 
We were in Maple Canyon last weekend 
and American Fork yesterday. 

Where's waldo??

Our friends in our ward put together a fun cook out 
up in Millcreek Canyon on Monday night. 
We are really going to miss our ward
and all the amazing people we know because of it. 

Can you tell what I am missing in this photo? haha

We sure are going to miss Utah. 
But don't worry, 
we are enjoying every minute of our time here. 
twElve dAys!


  1. SO FUN! You are going to have such a great adventure! I am very excited for you

  2. I feel like my heart just might leap out of my chest! Can I say how much I'm going to miss you when I currently live 1000 miles away? Haha We must plan every trip back home concurrently.


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