Monday, June 4, 2012

Bear Lake with the Gringeris

Can you believe it is 90+ degrees out there? 
I officially declare it to be SUMMER! 

This past weekend we headed up to the condo in BearLake
my favorite place in the world. 
It was mid 80's and sunshine the whole time. 
We loved it. 

We stopped in Echo Canyon, to climb of course, 
on our way...
 Ben & Elisabeth joined us for the weekend :)

 Waiting for the boys to finish...

 Dave on 'Wicked Bender' 13b.
He is kind of good. 

Saturday we spent the day at the lake. 
 We rented a kayak! 
I want to buy one when we move to Florida, they are so fun!

 Don't be fooled, the water was freezing!

 We went out for delicious pizza

 And we couldn't leave without taking home a thing of fudge and 
chocolate covered raspberries. 
(to die for!)

 Yes. We got shakes at the famous La Beau's.
Raspberry Heath is my fave. 
(Also, to die for!)

 Check out Dave's gnarly sunburn...
it gets way worse around his armpits and neck. 
Basically I am not letting him sunscreen himself anymore...

 Gorgeous sunset on the lake. 

 Gotta love self timers. 

we can't ever take a serious picture without a silly one too. 

We had a fabulous time at the lake. 
I can't wait to spend more Summer days there this year. 


  1. love your swimming suit, and looks like an amazing weekend!

  2. your blog inspires me to take more pictures of nick and I. All my pictures are of Cole..I need an intervention!


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