Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day Ya'll!
Today has been wonderful. 
This holiday specifically brings two incredible people to mind..
My amazing Grandfather..
and My sweet Grandmother..

If you click on the two previous links,
you will read about how much I love these dear people.
They both taught me so many things,
in order to celebrate them today I thought I would act on something they both taught me
Live your life to the fullest. 

and that is what we did... 

We went up American Fork Canyon this morning... 
it was really cold in the shade. 

One day I will climb this without taking...
(11a @ Division Wall) 

Dave on-sighted this climb...
(that means doing it first time you ever see it)
12 a/b - 'Pig Pen'

It got a little warmer as the day went on. 
And I even got a little sunburned :) 


 We spent the day with these two.
(yes. this was our 5th attempt at a 'timed' photo)

 My parents put on a delicious BBQ for the family...
and my sweet grandmother and uncle joined us.

 We got to see smiles from this sweet little baby.

And. We finally got a picture together. 

And Finally. Yes we do smile for pictures on occasion. 

All in all. 
It was a happy day. 
We lived it to the fullest. 

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