Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Utah Theatre

On Saturday my family took a tour of the Utah theatre. 
My dad has many memories there throughout his childhood 
and he wanted to show us what it was like to go to the movies when he was younger.
He really hates going to see new movies now and after taking a tour of the theatre,
it has all started to make sense. 

The Utah theatre started showing movies around the 1950's 
they created another floor with the balcony seating and there would be
two movies playing at a time. 
Back then, if you wanted to see a specific movie, 
there was only one place in the valley to go. 
The main floor would almost alway sell out with 1700 seats
and the upper level would seat about 600, I think. 
My dad worked at a theatre across the street
and on big nights, he would be asked to go help out at the Utah theatre. 
 The store front on Main street and 150 south

 The family, excited for the tour..

 When you walk past the ticket office, they have a grand entrance
that used to have the red carpet. This was where people would line up 
to wait for the movie. 

 This is the old wall paper, the red paper has those brown lines
in it that actually feel like felt. 

 Chandeliers like this lined the grand entrance.
This is one of the originals.

 The beautiful ceiling in the waiting room.

 This is the ceiling on the top level, isn't it magical?

We had a blast touring the place. 
It seems to me like going to the movies was a much more magical experience then.
My parents treated us to Hires for lunch afterwards,
because it was one of the only restaurants still around 
that he used to go to when he was little. 
 Thanks Dad! 

ps. I got to babysit this little babe last night, 
he is getting so big!

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  1. Thank you for posting about this. I'm so sad I couldn't be there for it. It looks really cool and I know it meant a lot to dad. I miss all of you SO much!


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