Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Graduation Day!

He did it!
Dave is incredible!
He graduated last Friday with above a 3.9 cumulative GPA.
what a hunk. 
His graduation was really fun
and we celebrated afterwards with Tucanos!

 Here is the graduate, looking off into Florida...
 I really wish we had a picture of both of us in our gowns since we 
graduated so close to each other. 
This picture will have to suffice. 

Every time I tell Dave's dad to make a funny face. . . this is what I get. 

This is the 'I just graduated' face

Dave and his sweet mommy. 

Saturday morning, 
we woke up early and went camping to celebrate!
We spent four days in the beautiful St. George. 

We had a blast, 
climbed a lot, 
enjoyed not working,
and loved the sunshine. 

His parents even joined us with the dogs 
for the last night. 

 I am starting to love our silly face pictures
more than our normal faces...
bad thing?

Bouldering outside is hard... luckily we route climbed a bunch too. 

 check out that hottie. 

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