Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mommy's Day!

To my amazing mother: 

I am so grateful for everything you do for me. 
I look up to you in every way and I am so thankful for your great example. 
You have taught me so much about womanhood and being an example of Christ.
I have learned more valuable lessons from you than I have with any of my education. 
We truly have become the best of friends.
Moving to Florida is going to be hard 
but I think it will be the hardest to say goodbye to you. 
I have loved being back in Salt lake and being able to spend so much time with you. 
Our lunch dates are the best
and there is no one I would rather go shopping with 
because you ALWAYS tell me how great I look.

Thank you for being the most incredible mother.
I love you with all my heart. 

  (ps. I had to put this picture in. It is my favorite!)

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  1. I totally started crying! Great post Janie. We really do have the best mom in the world.


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