Thursday, April 5, 2012

Go Gators!

Just when you think life is going your way...
it gets even better.

I was at work today when I received a call from Dave around noon.
I was obviously busy and he eventually texted me with these words...

"Babe! Florida accepted me with full
TAship status and funding for my
entire MA and PhD!"

my heart went insane.
Unfortunately, he was in class
and i was at work.
So. the shouting for joy came later.

so folks.
it is true.
we will be moving to Gainesville, Florida
in August.
All tuition will be paid for.
He will be teaching, which he LOVES.
We will get a stipend for living.

This change of events has definitely taught me
to always have Faith.
If you are on the right path and listening
to the spirit's guidance..
you will be blessed.

Florida here we come!


  1. I'm still just going crazy about all of it!!!!! So exciting!!!!

  2. That is awesome.. you guys will love Florida. I mean I am far from a Gators fan but the state of Florida is awesome ;-)

  3. Oh congratulations! that is sooo exciting! and it really is so true, when you do the right things the Lord really does bless you, but you have to have faith that it will work out. Yay! :)

  4. how far away is gainesville from orlando? :) we just got accepted to grad school at UCF in orlando!! YAHOO! florida will be such a fun adventure!! we're moving there in august too!


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