Wednesday, February 15, 2012

happy love day!

we had the most amazing valentines ever.
we were able to go get one-hour massages at Massage Envy
one word.
They focused on our upper body and it couldn't have been better!
apparently climbing has put a lot of strain on my pectoral muscles...
anyways. we came home and had an incredible candle lit dinner.
bbq salmon.
green beans.
lemon rice.
and key lime pie.

this dave, commanding me to stop taking pictures and let us eat already.

delicious dinner.

best. easiest key lime pie. ever.

this is our cute treat bowl.
we made it at color me mine together when we were dating.
you can always count on it having yummy holiday treats in it :)

i also made delicious sugar cookies on sunday.
they had cream cheese frosting on them.
dave had never had cream cheese frosting.
weirdo? yes. result: he didn't like it.
he is a plain joe kind of a treat lover.

i wouldn't trade my valentine for the world.
I love you with all my heart dave.
thanks for making each day such an adventure
filled with giggles, cuddles, and love.

get stoked for the weekend:
we have a four day camping trip in st. george!!


  1. That candy bowl is probably going to stay full of candy until next valentines knowing you two! :) glad you had a great valentines!

  2. So sweet! Clark is also a plain joe kind of treat lover.


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