Sunday, February 12, 2012


over the last year
Dave and I have competed in several climbing competitions
(Dave has always been a competitor but I only started last year)
We are part of
Team Yoshi's
Dave's friend Eddee owns an amazing sushi restaurant
and he sponsors a climbing team.

side note.
Anyone who is reading this should go check out
Yoshi's Japanese Grill
it is on
5692 South 900 East Murray, Utah 84121
or check out the website
(I highly recommend the snow white roll. yummmm)

we competed in a competition at the Front in Ogden yesterday
I climbed my first v6.
i was pretty stoked.
and I took first in my division...
which doesn't mean much because the second and third place girls were beginners
Dave took third out of everyone in the competition
so we both did really well :)

check out our sweet shirts...
Go Team Yoshi's!!

and I really like the comp shirts they gave out,
this was our best picture attempt...

this picture just makes me laugh...

Hope everyone had a happy weekend :)

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