Sunday, January 22, 2012

married to an old man

Friday was Dave's 26th birthday.
He was legitimately sad about it.
I think he is starting to feel old...
but really, he looks like he is maybe 21.

Unfortunately, I had to work at 7 am.
so. I surprised him with a new outfit waiting for him when he woke up
and his favorite Lucky Charms for breakfast
and a bag of 100 Grands to get him through his work day.

As for presents...
I designed a book with pictures of our first year together on Shutterfly
and he gets to pick out new climbing shoes :)

We were both lucky enough to be off work by 1.
so we went to lunch together at Pan Wok
and went climbing
I was only there for about 20 minutes before
i decided i needed to finish the cake
and get the apartment ready for people to come over
Dave was there for 3 and a half hours ...
it was his birthday ;)

We went to dinner at Citris Grill,
Dave's new favorite place!
His parents joined us along with
ben and elisabeth
& Katie and Joe
it was delicious!

We finished the night off with the lovely
homemade icecream cake :)
and lots of fun games with friends.

Happiest birthday to my favorite man in the whole wide world!
You may think you are old...
but you have many, many birthdays to go.
I love you Dave!

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