Tuesday, January 3, 2012

happy holidays

forgive me for the late update...
i had all of last week off work.
and i had to study.
(and play with my favorite kiddies)
it was well worth it.
i passed the NCTRC exam!
this means you can now call me... drum roll please...
SarahJane Miller CTRS
(certified therapeutic recreation specialist)
i am an official Adult.

the holidays were quite a treat this year.
we had a lovely christmas eve dinner with my family.
dave was awfully sick from about 3 pm christmas eve through christmas night.
so unfortunately he couldn't come to celebrate. BUT.
delicious food.

funny faces.
wonderful company.
lovely gifts.

Every year we pick names for sibling gifts.
my sister got me an adorable levi dress from Shade. i am in love with it.
My parents got me a new lens for me camera!!!
AND. an adorable bag where my mom made a camera padding insert.
it is my favorite!
my they surprised all the kids with the new ipad 2.
(my sister already has one... so they are getting her a new video camera instead... hence the following part about something old)
little trickster.
they said they had something old to give us that they had no use for.
ipad 2.

we were all fooled. best surprise ever!

after my parents,
dave and i opened our pajamas.
i was so excited and he was so sick. poor boy.
christmas morning I made delicious waffles with berries and hot cho.
dave threw up instead.
we opened our presents to each other.
embarrassing i know. i gave him a U shirt.

we went to church with his parents
and had a lovely lunch with his family.
our stockings were new 72 hour kits
filled with almost everything you could possibly need.
much needed.

we even had time at the end of the day to visit my extended family.
yep. dave was sick the whole day too.
i woke up at 5 am that night with dave's evil sickness.

our One YEAR anniversary was the 27th!
we both were coming back from the dead of our sickness.
we had a wonderful day of celebration.
dave surprised me and took me to the
sanctuary day spa.
nope he didn't drop me off....
we both got pedicures.
that evening he surprised me with dinner at
sherlock Holmes.
our cake top is still sitting in our fridge to taste one year later...
we were too full from tuscany dessert.
It was an amazing anniversary.
i love this man with all my heart.
but I will tell you all the reasons why on another day.

New years eve was a blast.
we went to see 'We Bought a Zoo' with Daves parents and the Gringeris.
it was amazing. we both highly recommend it.
we had a lovely dinner at cafe rio
and the night continued with friends and treats and games.
New years goals to come!

the holidays were wonderful.
thank you to everyone for all the fun adventures!
we feel so blessed
and we look forward to a wonderful 2012!

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  1. Love this post! Dave looks absolutely miserable. Thank you so much for your help with the kids tonight!!


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