Sunday, June 5, 2011

Joe's Valley/Memorial Day

we are so stinkin' excited..
it is finally SUMMER!

last weekend we went to Joe's Valley for some
good camping and bouldering.
we spent four days there and smelled lovely at the end ;)
(no toilets or running water)
just the way we like it .. hahahaha
we were with Ben & Elisabeth... they recently got engaged to be married August 6th
in Boston (yes. we get to go!)
it was way fun to be with them and enjoy the outdoors!

It was freezing... and way windy.. like tornadoish..
not really. but ya. it snowed when we woke up monday!
All in all... we had a great time.
sorry for the lack of photos

Ktown slab V4
(this video makes this climb looks way easier than it really was. . promise)

I am also thinking of new hobbies...
biking and reading or my new favorites
i think I want to learn about photography next!
(just need to start saving for a camera!)

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