Thursday, June 9, 2011

we LOVE weddings!!

This year is a year for weddings!

(I secretly like to think Dave and I started the CRAZE!)

whether it is a high school acquaintence, coworker, close friend or relative.

There are so many weddings!

good thing i love weddings!

luckily we get to be apart of two weddings

that involve people that are very dear to our hearts...

Ben and Elisabeth

oh how we love this couple.

seriously. we hangout with them every weekend.

it has been a blast to see these two grow into love with each other.

we are so blessed to be able to attend the wedding in Boston this August.

(special thanks to ben's WONDERFUL parents!)

we can't wait!

Sam and Christy!

My brother and Christy are a PERFECT match!

I remember when I met christy, I instantly thought she would be

perfect with Sam and i really wanted to set her up.

I thought the four years difference would be a struggle...

but they fell in love instantly!

We are so excited for their wedding in Newport, California

this October!

Basically this year rocks for weddings!

We are so happy to be able to attend both of their sealings

in two temples we have never been to!


yay for marriage!


  1. aw - we love this! and we're SO SO SO excited for you guys to come to Boston :)

  2. My wife is the most beautiful wife in the world


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