Sunday, May 15, 2011

fourth place!

Dave was in the big FCC semi-pro climbing competition this weekend!
They had qualifiers back in early april in SLC, Ogden & Boise.
(I also competed in the citizens comp when he qualified
and I tied for first in the intermediate division!)
anyways... he had semi finals on Friday at the front.
They messed up his score but once we figured everything out
he made the top 10 (out of 24) for finals on saturday at the South Towne expo center!
They had to climb two boulder problems that were seriously insane!
He did amazing and he made it to fourth place!
and he won a hundred bucks! -- new shoes for me and quickdraws for him!
Thank you for all of those who came out and supported!
it was a blast!

yes. i like to say
my husband is fourth best climber in the west :)
he is definitely number one to me!

i love you babe

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  1. So awesome!!!! I really wish we could have been there. So does Taylor. Some day we'll get to see Dave climb.


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