Wednesday, May 11, 2011

my husband is a babe...

last week on the ONLY day it was sunny,
we went climbing up big cottonwood
(which, by the way, is 5 minutes from our house!)
There were a couple of guys there on the climb next to us
one of them recognized Dave from competitions.
When I was belaying Dave, he had to do a one arm pull up
... the guy down on the ground next to me said 'wow, that was sexy'
uh... what?
I was confused so i assumed it was something in their conversation.
next. i start to do the climb
once i come down, i come to find out Dave and this guy are now friends
just chattin away, while the other guy keeps complimenting dave
in weird ways too
finally i go grab my stuff because i am feelin awkward...
i walk by the guy an he says 'oh, what is your name?'
"I am SarahJane, his wife'
the guy then says
'are you serious? that sucks!'
um. what?
he then proceeds to say
'he is way sexy and that sucks he is married...'

uh WHAT?!?!

yes. boys hit on my husband.
now i know my beliefs are correct.
he really is a babe

love this boy

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  1. haaaaaahahaha sarj i thoroughly enjoyed this post!! nothin like the vote of another guy to confirm your hubby's attractiveness. :) hahaha too funny. love you!


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