Friday, April 26, 2013

Fabulous Five for Friday

Friday at approximately 5 pm is my favorite moment if the week, don't you agree?
Here is my fabulous five for Friday...

UNO.  I go home in exactly 10 days.
And I get to be with my family all summer!

DOS. I got to Skype with my cutest little nephew during my lunch break today.
He makes the cutest faces in the world and giggles all the time.
I love being an aunt.

TRES. Dave's parents are coming next week to visit.
We love having visitors!

CUATRO. I didn't have to make dinner last night and I don't have to make it tonight.

CINCO. Dave finished his last class of his first year of his masters this week.
Yipitee yo kiyay!

What fabulous things are happening for you on this lovely Friday? 

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  1. Sounds awesome! Have fun with your visitors!

  2. It's the little things indeed! I cooked yesterday so dinner is already ready when I get home tonight, love that!


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