Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring fever favorites.

For some reason, 
Spring makes me feel like I need a fresh start to my wardrobe. 
Unfortunately I don't have money floating around to do just that. 
So here are four things I am in love with for this season. 

1. Broken-in straight striped kahkis
I tried these on this weekend. I am so in love with them!
I have bigger thighs and I can never get the thigh size to match my waist size. 
This style at Gap gives you a little extra thigh room but brings it in to your right waste size. 
I really need to find a way to convince Dave that I NEED these. 

2. Mint Nixon watch
Do I even need to explain myself here? 
This is way more than I would ever spend on a watch 
but I am still so in love with mint. 

3. Wired Pearl ring
I love pearls so much, I almost wanted my wedding ring to be pearl. 
I keep telling Dave I want one for a big anniversary one day. 
But this simple one will do for now, I love the style of it. 

4. Posy-stitched Skimmer flats
I really should just stay away from Anthropologie's website. 
These are so pretty and definitely a one of a kind buy. 
Plus, I need new church flats right??

What are you falling in love with this Spring season? 
Do you have Spring fever too?


  1. YES to those pants! I almost bought similar ones at Target yesterday.

    I'm also lovin those skimmer flats! Anything brightly colored is refreshing and lovely right now.

  2. I was just talking about how I love Gap pants, those jeans are so cute!

    xx Kelly

  3. I like the Nixon watches, too, though I'd never spend the money on it. However, I will spend money on a nice fitting pair of pants.

  4. haha, love that we both did wish lists today! great minds think alike..i adore the pearl ring!!

  5. Love 'em all! Especially the flats and the ring. Gonna have to try my hand at making that kind of ring ;)

  6. Um all of those are amazing! I work for gap inc. so it's near impossible to not come home with new things sometimes..... It's bad!

  7. Thanks so much for the follow on my blog! Pearls are one of my favorites, too. I really like your blog a lot. The trousers and ring in this article are my favorite! Following you back.



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