Monday, March 18, 2013

Cheers for the weekend!

Our weekend was nice and relaxing. 
Well, for me at least. 
Dave competed in a climbing competition on Saturday. 
He was totally rocking it until he tweaked his finger. 
His finger has been bugging him forever and he had it taped
but it obviously was not good enough. 
We ended up leaving early but he still rocked it in my opinion... 

We also had a fabulous date night on Friday.
We ate at one of our favorite restaurants.
Heard of it?
it is AMAZING!
And we even got dessert there, which we never do.
Tres leches.

My dad also helped us file our taxes.
We were expecting to have to pay A LOT!
My nanny job last Fall didn't take out any taxes, so I was super worried. 
We found out that between what we made from State and what we owe for Federal...
we only owe 10 dollars!

How was your weekend? 
Any delicious desserts or  fun sporting events? 

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  1. I was excited when my husband did our taxes and found that we get money! That tres leches looks good!


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