Sunday, March 24, 2013

LOVING my new design!

Are you in love? 
The new design is beautiful, I know. 
I seriously think I could look at it all day. 
I have really been wanting to revamp everything on this here blog for a while now. 
But I really am no good at design.
Every designer I looked at charged quite a bit of money and I simply couldn't afford it. 

Then this lovely lady emailed me. 
She is starting up her design business and
she is AMAZING!
She has been such a treat to work with.
I basically had no idea what I wanted going in to it
so through trial and error, this is what she came up with...

I love everything about it. 
I wanted the theme to be mountains because we are big mountain people. 
She totally rocked it. 
Don't you think? 

Kenzi is so talented
and I really want you all to meet her. . . 

I am the author of the blog Love Me Some Lemons 
and the designer at Love Me Some Lemons Design.
 I grew up mostly in Utah and partly in Washington state.
 I am a student at Utah State University studying Sociology. 
I work for the University as an IT Computer Lab Consultant.
 I learned the art of blog design at my job at the University. 
I have a passion for designing custom blogs for people. 
I love that the possibilities with each blog design are endless. 
There is nothing better than hearing someone rave 
about how much they love their new blog I designed.
 You can check out my pricing and services here.

Go check her out now. 
She is so talented and her prices can not be beat. 
Also, if you are not looking for a full blog design then no worries
because she will basically design anything that your little heart desires!
Thank YOU so much Kenzi. 


  1. What a great design! It's always fun to have something new.

  2. Your design looks super great. Imma have to go check out this cute Kenzi girl!

    1. just kidding. I came across her a few days ago & am already hooked.

  3. It looks beautiful! New blog designs are so fun (I'm in the process of getting one, and moving to excited!) This totally is you though, love it.

  4. Your blog looks adorable. Did she do your blog design for free? She's so cute. So are you :)

  5. It looks great!


  6. Such a pretty pretty deism! I love the triangles and the colors! You are too cute!! Your newest follower. : )

  7. Lovely blog! New follower from the Hop!


  8. Yay! I am so excited about it all. Thanks so much for the opportunity! I loved working with you!

  9. Great blog & I'm happy to be a new follower from the blog hop! I'd love it if you'd check out my blog.

    Teri from

  10. It really did turn out cute! I mean, I didn't know what it looked like before so I can't compare...but I know it's cute now!!! :) I'm a new follower from The Collective Hop! Excited to get to know you! (Can you tell I like exclamation points? It's kinda a problem...)

    Brie @ Breezy Pink Daisies

  11. love your design! thanks for stopping by my blog. now following you as well :) can't wait to explore more!


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