Monday, March 25, 2013

Babies smell so good.

If you really new me, you would know that it is no secret that I love babies. 
Dave would say that I really just love to cuddle anything that is miniature. 
(puppies or babies fit in this category) 
Yes that is true, but really I just love babies. 
They smell so good, they are so cuddly and they are so heavenly. 
Okay, I will admit it. 
I am hungry for a baby!
Now that my confession is over...

Meet our new little friend Faye. 
Our friends finally had their baby!
Dave has never held a baby this little before and he was pretty nervous. 
But he did such a good job...
we have to reel him in nice and slow :)

Congratulations Brandon and Rachel!
We visited them in the hospital just 10 hours after the baby came
and Rachel was totally out of bed and walking around. 
She totally rocked child birth!
And sweet baby Faye is absolutely perfect in every way. 

 photo signaturesj_zpsc9aa01cb.png


  1. New babies ARE wonderful! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. YES. Baby hungry. To the max. It's fine. They really do smell amazing!

  3. Babies are adorable. And I'm so happy for your friends.

    Heidi’s Wanderings

  4. Rachel was seriously amazing....I am so impressed.

    1. Calinai! I heard you were there for the whole thing! I am so impressed with Rachel, she acted like it was no big deal! Sw is Wonder Woman!

  5. He's never held a baby before? That's so precious!! That picture is perfect. I want to ask the hospital what it is they do that makes them smell so good. Haha. Because clearly, it ain't where they came from!


  6. They really are amazing! Unfortunately, my husband thinks babies are ugly and doesn't want anything to do with them until they are 6 months old or so :P That could make things interesting when we have children of our own.

  7. haha I agree! Babies are the best and I love how they are so cuddly. My niece is 4 months old and I loved holding her when she was still a little sleepy cuddly baby. I mean, I still love playing with her now...but there's just something about those newborns!!


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