Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hana Air Dryer {review}

First, I must say how much I hate blow drying my hair. 
I usually take a shower at night and let my hair air dry. 
However, moving to Florida has ruined that because it is so humid and my hair won't dry during the night. 
When Misikko contacted me to do a review, I was thrilled because I needed a good solution. 
Well my friends, I really do LOVE my new blow dryer
It dries my hair so much quicker and my hair seriously does not feel damaged after. 
It keeps all the moisture. 
It has three heat settings and a cool blast button. 
As well as two power settings. 
Impressive, I know. 
And look how it came in the mail...

Adorable, I know. 
There is even a cute little teddy bear, chocolates and a new brush. 
I really felt like I was being pampered just with the packaging. 

Overall, I loved everything about this blow dryer. 
The one and only down fall is the price. 
It is on sale right now for just under $200. 
Which, really if you think about it...
you would use it almost every day and it is going to last a very long time. 
So I think it would definitely be worth it for you if you can fit it in your budget. 

As for me, I am blow drying my hair all the time now.. 
Thank you Misikko


  1. That packaging looks so cool! And I can't imagine going to bed with wet hair and waking up with it still wet! I've never had hair that long, but I still wouldn't mind trying out some Misikko products!

  2. Wow! Sounds fabulous, but there is no way I would spend that much on a hair dryer. I will admit that the packaging is pretty cute,


  3. More money doesn't always mean better product, that's why these reviews are important. Thanks for your opinion. :)

  4. I haven't ever heard of this blow dryer! I might just have to try it out! Thank you :)


  5. I've never even heard of it! I have a crappy, thrift store blow dryer right now, so I really do need to buy one. Though since I haven't tried it myself, I probably won't, haha. Who knows though. I'm glad it worked for you!


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