Friday, February 1, 2013

Enjoy the little things

- Last night at the climbing gym I climbed a boulder problem that I didn't ever think I would be able to climb... LOVED it. 

-Dave and I are starting a new exercise regimen and I am super excited about it. 
We even ran together this week... we have never done that, weird I know. 

-My parents and I laid out by the pool in the 80 degree weather and I got my first swim suit line of the year... I could really get used to Florida's winter. 

-I found an adorable used desk and comfy office chair on craiglist for $65 for both ... now that I work from home, I really needed these!

-I decorated our little apartment with a little bit of crafty Valentine's Day decor.

-We are the cub scout leaders for the scouts in our area and I haven't be able to go because of work but I got to go this week and it was so fun to watch Dave with those boys, they adore him!

-My sister sent me audio of her sweet baby boy laughing... only my favorite sound in the world!

-I got the best phone call last night from my best friend, I love it when her name appears on my phone :)

-Tomorrow is Saturday and Dave doesn't have homework! 
Best news ever!

Happy LOVE month!

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  1. Yeah for tan lines! And working at home. I think I could totally do that.


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