Thursday, January 31, 2013

St Augustine Beach in January!

I could really get used to the fabulous January weather temps in Florida. 
Everyone back in Utah has freezing rain and I get to lay out in the sun...
it makes being away from home ten times easier :)

Last weekend, we took my parents to St. Augustine. 
St. Augustine Beach is by far the best beach near Gainesville. 
It was PERFECT weather. 
The beach was empty because apparently it is way too cold for the locals...

My mom is the one who taught me how to be a beach baby. 
We both love the sunshine so much. 
She almost went all the way in the ocean with her clothes on
and the water was FREEZING!

This guy was even excited to be there 
and he is a mountain man. 

He is such a goof ball and makes me laugh every day. 

My dad said he thought the sand was like brown sugar...
it totally is! It is so smooth and fine. 
There is nothing better than sand between my toes :)

If you are ever in St. Augustine, you must head to the Taco Shop. 
It is the most delicious food right on the beach. 
This up above is called there UFO.
It is basically a crunch wrap supreme from taco bell, 
but WAY better. 

And you have heard of this lovely gem before... Ritas. 
They make the most amazing treat called a 'gelati'
Have italian ice and have frozen custard. 
Mine was vanilla with lemonade frozen custard... 

We drove over into the main part of St. Augustine and it was packed!
This must be where all the locals go when the beach is 'too cold'
They have this beautiful Castle there that my dad was excited to see. 
It was gorgeous but with limited time, I chose to look at the shops instead. 
St. Augustine is our favorite little spot... 
you must check it out if you are ever close by,
the sunshine felt way too good!


  1. RITAS! My aunt in Pennsylvania has been going to Rita's for years and whining each time she comes to visit how we don't have Ritas and should be pitied...then they came to Florida a few years ago now. So good!

    Love the beach in January!

  2. I'm dying for a little sunshine and warmth right now! Thanks for sharing the pics so I could feel it vicariously :)

  3. My fam and I just went to St. Augustine Beach too! we love it there. So laid back. Our favorite place to eat is Sunset Grille. (Go Gators! Loved his shirt!!)

  4. The beach! Ahhh, let me imagine myself there for a bit...

  5. so fun sarj!!! glad your cute parents came out..i LOVE rita's so so much, and that taco looks amazing! xoxo

  6. Oh my, I want to go SO SO BAD! :) I need a vacay like YESTERDAY! Cutest couple ever you two are!

  7. after reading that all i want to do is eat that vanilla lemonade frozen custard! oh man....deadly craving coming on. going to have to find a place that serves a worthy substitute somewhere in provo! haha

  8. I would kill to be at the beach right now. This snow is making me crazy.


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