Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My kind of memory book.

 I am very passionate about keeping track of memories. Before I married Dave, I was super good at writing in my journal at least once a week. Now I keep a daily journal that I love but it is just a simple little paragraph about my day so it isn't for detailed memories. We also have a family journal that we put major family events in, like anniversaries and such.  However, none of the these things include pictures. I really enjoy taking pictures and I try to take my camera with me when we are out doing anything exciting. 

Luckily, our anniversary falls on the last week of the year so it makes it easy to connect the year end to another year of marriage. So I came up with this fabulous idea to do a photo book with every year of our marriage. I only have two so far but they are both about 40 pages and make it a great way to keep track of all the fun things through the year. The even better part is that Shutterfly offers fabulous deals during December/January so I get it for 50% off and free shipping! I usually try to start working on it during the Fall because it can be daunting but I really love it so much and I know these books will be something we cherish forever. This one below is from our first year of marriage. I love it!

Right now Shutterfly is offering a 40% off coupon for photobooks and calendars.
It is good through tomorrow and the code is GIVEHEART.
You should definitely try it, such an easy way to preserve photos!

nope, this is not a sponsored post. I just REALLY love shutterfly :)


  1. This is awesome! I started using shutterfly for the same reason last year and LOVE it. I'm waiting for my year two book to arrive any day. We are so much alike!

  2. cute!! so nice that your wedding + the new year are the same time..i decided to do our first one as 2012 so that it can be easy every year to just do the year 2012, 2013 etc...but love your cute matching ones! i might switch around the types every year, but i love how yours are the same. cute cute! xo

  3. I made photo books once. I should do it more often. It's fun and easy.

  4. It's so great to keep of the greatest memories of your life.

    Love from South Africa


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  6. Such a cute idea. I love the idea of having one for every year of marriage. I am trying to do something similar with my children. Have a photo book from each year. Although it gets harder and harder to do!

  7. this is such a great idea! i've wanted to do something similar to this but well...i've been lazy. love the look of them and how they're all coordinating!

  8. This is such a great idea! I had planned on doing this once we had kids but why not start now? Your book is adorable!


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