Monday, January 21, 2013

Birthday fail.

Birthday's are my absolute favorite holiday!
It all started with the traditional breakfast in bed...
Dave is impossible to wake up on Sunday mornings 
So I knew I could surprise him. 
Except for he all of sudden woke up and came into the kitchen. 
First time ever that he was awake before 8:15 am on a Sunday!

After church we went on a fun little bike ride around campus. 
Sounds silly but I haven't really ridden around campus to see everything yet. 
I definitely got another photo with the gator...

The University of Florida campus is so pretty. 
Palm trees everywhere and all the buildings are red brick which makes it feel more unified I think. 

We went out last night to Carrabbas for Dave' real birthday dinner
But I decided to make him something special for his actual birthday. 
Salmon. homemade bread. Garlic mashed potatoes and green beans. 
It was all fabulous until the Salmon didn't cook right and we had to throw it away. 
Yes it was raw and cold in the middle when Dave took his first bite. 

I made the traditional ice cream cake again this year. 
It was delicious, yes I had two pieces to prove it. 
Recipe to come later this week :)

We had a little get together with some of Dave's friends from school. 
The candles on the cake were trick candles. 
Love those. Made me feel like a kid again.

Overall, I think he had a pretty fabulous birthday. 
He even lied to me and said dinner turned out 'great'
He is the best. 

Have you ever had a birthday fail??
What is your go to birthday cake??


  1. dang, i was impressed with just the card in the first photo! not to mention the cake! looks like everything went great even with the very minor drawbacks. my fail came last year when i remembered to invite people to my husbands birthday dinner...the day before. oops. i made sure to make up for it the next year!

  2. Wow!!! What a fantastic day!! I love all of the pictures. :) Dave caught himself an awesome wife!!

  3. For one of my birthdays my husband was going to BBQ. At the time, we only had a small charcoal grill and it was a windy evening. We didn't eat until 10pm. On another birthday, he burned himself, pretty bad, when BBQing my birthday dinner. Needless to say, we have decided he is not allowed to BBQ on my birthday again!

    These are the stories of a great marriage! Have fun with yours :)

  4. My husband's birthday was this weekend too and I failed by not getting him anything because we are so poor. haha but I was told not to, I still felt like I failed though.

    and he hates cake, so I made him some chocolate chip cookie cheese cake bars. They are his favorite. I wish he liked cake though, it would be a lot easier to bake. haha

  5. You go all out! He should have no question in his mind that he is loved.

  6. Sad about the salmon! I'm glad Sam still said it turned out great. And to see my latest birthday fail, just go to this'll see the cake I made for Forrest :)

  7. such a good wifey.
    and im sure it was still a great birthday.
    i will have to tell you about ryans first birthday we were together.
    total fail, lets just say burnt bacon.


  8. i oh so wish we could have been there to eat cake with you guys last night !

  9. january 20 th is just not the same without you two :(

  10. I love your alligator pic!! You are so cute!!

  11. Ah you guys, I think that birthday was super special. I loved that cake decoration. I really do love it.


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  13. breakfast in bed is a tradition in our home for birthdays. love it!
    happy birthday to your husband, my husband's birthday was monday..I've still got to get the post up about it all, oops!


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