Sunday, January 27, 2013

Far better things ahead.


Do new beginnings thrill you as much as they do me?
I love the idea of starting our fresh with something.
Whether it is a brand new day ahead of you or a new semester in school
or even a new car load of groceries that offers new things to make for dinner...
I love have a fresh slate ahead of me.

I have had my share of new beginnings in the last 5 months of my life.
I moved across the country to a place that was completely foreign to me,
into an apartment I had never seen. Bought all new furniture and started
multiple different new jobs. Which by the way, I am in love with my job right now. 
I have met so many new people and made some really great friends.
Moving here has been a fabulous adventure, hard but fabulous.

So... here is to our next big new beginning...we are moving!
I love where we live now but our apartment is SO SMALL...
and we live on campus... and it is so small.

We are going to be renting a town home and I am thrilled about it!
Double the space, more to decorate, off campus and it even has our
own little deck. It is a fabulous price.  And it has a washer & dryer :)

More about our actual new place will come in a month when we move
BUT as for now, I feel really inspired by all the opportunities that lie ahead of me.
I love the quote above and I believe it to be true. We are so happy where
we are but I can only imagine what 'far better things lie ahead.'

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  1. A washer and dryer would be a selling point for me to move! :)

  2. yay for moving! that is so exciting.
    more space, washer and dyer.
    doesn't get more awesome than that!
    hope you have a lovely sunday lady!


  3. THIS IS SO SO SO SO SO SO EXCITING! WHEN DID YOU DECIDE ON THIS??? love it. can't wait to see it! (because obvi you'll be there when we come to visit at some point)

  4. I love when I find yet another fellow Utah blogger! I'm glad to follow along, and hope you'll stop by sometime to say hi.


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