Friday, November 23, 2012

Nerd Alert. {firmoo review} and FREE glasses for you!

Do you remember this review about Firmoo??
Well, I am at it again. I loved my sunglasses
but do you remember when I told you how much I love glasses?
I seriously sometimes wish I needed reading glasses or something
just because I think they are so cute on people.
And they are fun to mix up your look, right? right. 
Plus.. I am loving the 'nerdy' style of glasses these days
aren't these adorable?
Firmoo currently has a fabulous selection of 'nerdy' glasses on their site. 
        Photobucket                        Photobucket 
             Gotta love photo shoots with Dave                                            shirt:shade / pants:Gap / boots:delias / watch:fossil / glasses:firmoo

I love that every pair of Firmoo glasses comes with 
a nice protective case, glasses tool kit and cleaning cloth. 
Let's get real here... do I need glasses? no. 
Will I wear these all the time? ya, probably. 
I seriously think they are so adorable. 
Okay.. why would I post this to all of you lovely readers?
Because Firmoo has the best offer ever. 
Firmoo offers their first time customers a FREE PAIR of glasses!
That is right, FREE- sunglasses or regular prescription or no prescription glasses. 
all you have to pay for is shipping. 

And if you are not a first time customer you ask??
tune in next week for the most fabulous giveaway. 
That is right twenty-five winners!


  1. You'd look cute no matter what...Nerdy glasses or not.

  2. Can't wait to sign up for this giveaway! Those glasses are adorable!


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