Monday, November 12, 2012

Horse Pens 40.

Alabama is beautiful. Maybe it is because I have missed Utah Fall so much -seeing as Gainesville goes straight from green to brown when it comes to leaves- I thought the beauty was amazing! You can decide for yourself...

  We spent our long weekend at Horse Pens 40. It is a camping/bouldering area... only the most well-known in the south east. WE LOVED IT! We had a group of 11 fabulous people and their company made it even more fun. There was a lot of laughing, climbing, s'mores, cuddles, sunsets, fires... you know- all the fun things that come with camping. We had so much fun and I could tell you all about everything but that would be boring. So I think it is probably better to tell you about the weekend in pictures so here you go...

 Dave walked across a slack line for his first time ever!
 This boulder problem is 'the sandbox'- known as the worst problem in the south east.
Don't ask me why they were so excited to climb it.  It was only V2 and extremely hard!
 The camp site was so close to all the boulders. We LOVED it. 
But we did not love paying $15 a person per night to camp!
 I don't get to see many sunsets in Gainesville, this one was breath taking. 
 This problem was 'eight ball'- it was quickly the lady favorite of the trip. 
 All the ladies on top of the eight ball boulder. 
Nothing is better than a great group of woman climbers. 
 Dave was a great photographer, multiple shots-- isn't it so pretty!?
 I told you that we would take some awesome photos together. 
 Our group of amazing climbers. 

Horse Pens was fabulous. Very hard, sand bagged climbing... but, oh it felt so good to touch real rock again. And nothing is better than a weekend with no technology, no sense of time, waking up with the sun and falling asleep with the moon and being surrounded by great people. 

Horses Pens 40, thank you for a much needed break- we will be back. 


  1. I love the smells of nature and a campfire. The colors look amazing!

  2. What a fun getaway you guys had. Those pictures ARE gorgeous!!!

  3. you make me jealous with this getaway... how fun AND beautiful! xo

  4. Wow! This looked absolutely breathtaking. The pictures are gorg...and the funny face one made me smile!! Glad you got to unwind, unplug and spend time with great company, Man...those leaves...I wish we had that in Texas!

  5. what beautiful fall photos!

  6. wow, gorgeous! so much orange, i love it! glad you got to unwind a little bit :)

  7. Those are gorgeous photos! Thank you for sharing the lovely colors of fall!

  8. I love camping! ANDDD I live in Birmingham so you weren't too far from me =)


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