Monday, September 3, 2012

St. Augustine

Labor day. 
I love holidays.
I was determined to get Dave away from the books
and luckily my cute friend Kathy felt the same way about her hubby.
So we headed over to St. Augustine beach. 
Don't get me wrong, 
I am a Utah girl and I love my mountain lakes
but being an hour away from the ocean definitely has its perks. 

We went to this fabulous 'taco shop'
recommended by local Gainesvillers. 
If you ever go...
get the UFO. 
as you can imagine, it was amazing!

Dave eating his 'tiajuana tacos'

Chocolate and vanilla :)
always gotta get a beach photo.

The Gibbons family. 
Dave, Kathy and Joey
(Dave is in his first year law school at UF)

Both Daves lovin' the waves.
did I mention they saw a shark??
Yep, about a 100 ft away.
I didn't see it, nor did I get in deep enough.

Kathy told them to flex...

cute little Joey. 
It was his first time at the beach. 
he LOVED the waves.

boogey boarding.
don't be fooled. 
I am a wuss and didn't do it.

Do I really have to go back to school?

we had a blast.
I love holiday weekends.
we can't wait for the next one. 
maybe the Florida Keys for thanksgiving??

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  1. Love when you blog!! Looks like you guys have adjusted to life back in Gatorville! You guys always have such fun adventures. And please teach me how to cook. KThanks.


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