Thursday, September 6, 2012

God's creations

i miss FALL!
Fall in Florida consists of
high 80s, low 90s
70-90% humidity
and no change in leaves!
Fall is my favorite season,
i love being able to wear basically anything in your closet.
i decided today Florida can be pretty too. 
after making a delicious dinner of 
honey chicken and fried rice
with chocolate banana bread 
for dessert...
i decided to head out for a bike ride
while dave was setting at the gym. 
I was gone for about an hour. 
man, i needed it. 
It was really pretty 
and the sun was on its way down. 
don't get me wrong...
it was no UTAH
there were lots of bugs.
and yucky smells.
but I enjoyed it 
that is all that matters right?

Missing these fall colors... but at least I get to be with this boy :)

Missing this beautiful rock... but at least I have a beautiful bike :)

Missing this rock too, especially climbing in a sweatshirt... 
but at least it is warm here instead of cold, right? :)

Missing these fall colors with this beautiful temple, and 
the opportunity to choose between 6 temples to go to within 20 miles...
but at least Orlando temple is only 2 hours away right?
it could be worse :)

Basically what I am trying to say is...
I really love my Utah nature
God created the whole world.
so Florida has to be really pretty too :)
it will just take time for me to figure it out..
and lots of trips to Utah in the mean time. 


  1. I am definitely missing fall time in Utah as's my favorite season too!! We'll have to make up for it somehow, maybe turn our AC's down really low so our houses get really cold? Then we can wear all our favorite sweatshirts, boots, etc. :) And I love your new layout!!

  2. i love this post and how you miss home but still add something positive to the end of each thing you miss..little cutie. at least we are both living away! and i agree with the frequent visits to utah :) xo

  3. where in florida are you? I just moved from orlando just a few months ago and lived there for less than a year and I was SERIOUSLY missing regular seasons. so I know how you feel!


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