Tuesday, September 13, 2011

last moments of sunshine

Life has been really busy lately.
Some days I leave home at 730 am for work,
then I go to my internship, then school and I come home at 10 pm.
I guess that is how last semesters of college are supposed to be.

Dave is doing great.
Loving his learning assistant job he is doing
He is basically 'co-teaching' two beginning spanish classes.
he loves it.
I would love to have Dave as my teacher, what a hottie.
He is studying hard for the GRE.
hopefully he will take it soon and then he starts applying to graduate schools!

Luckily, we had a blank schedule this past weekend
so we spent it in my favorite place.
with the Gringeri's :)
We had a blast.
I wish I could stay in bearlake forever!

We stopped to climb in echo canyon on the way to Bear Lake,
it is a really sweet area with lots of fun climbs.

Dave is so cool.

where's waldo? I mean sarahjane

i LOVE floating on the lake!
it was a little chilly though

We love them.
so fun to have another married couple to hangout with.

love Dave's long, stylish hair

Hand-stand contest.
Dave is so good at this stuff.

yeah baby!
so sad, this will probably be my last sun of the season.

Go team Yoshi's!
Dave and I compete on the Yoshi's climbing team
Yoshi's is an amazing sushi place in salt lake
go eat there. now. it's delicious!

this picture perfectly describes why we are all such good friends.

did you really think you would find a picture of both of us smiling?
they are sure rare.

we LOVE you bearlake.
hopefully we get more relax time soon.
as for now...
back to real life :)


  1. such a wonderful weekend...we love you guys :)

  2. so fun! and we know what it's like to have a crazy busy schedule! what is dave getting his master's in?


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