Sunday, August 28, 2011

life for us has been pretty busy lately.
school has started for Dave and I start my two classes tomorrow.
i started my internship at primary children's residential treatment last monday
i like it a lot.
busy. and lots to get used to, but really fun!

Dave is lovin school this semester because he gets to help teach two classes.
on top of his 18 credits, he is working 25 hours a week

on top of my full time internship and two night classes
i am working a low 10 hours a week.

life is busy.
don't worry, we still find time to climb rocks ;)

oh. we moved!
to a new apartment in holladay.
we love it.
and we are very excited about it.

here is a picture, just for kicks:

i sure love him. he always makes me giggle.

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  1. SJ! Where did you move to? Kirk just got a Halladay apartment on 1000 East and Center. I will be moving in once we get married but he loves it! You guys sound super busy! Miss you girl!


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