Sunday, July 17, 2011

I am legal... 21 baby! (not like the legal part really matters)

I seriously had the best birthday in the world!
I woke up to a birthday kiss :)
I had a lovely morning to myself,
golden grahams for breakfast
read some hunger games

lunch with my WHOLE family
at Gormandise. one word.
Sam got me a raspberry tartlette. so good.
(if you are reading this, go get one NOW!)

Melanie, the kids, my mom and i went
to a fun little consignment shop on highland drive
cute. high end clothing.

Dave came home from work and surprised me with
adorable new toms and a swim suit!
The swim suit was super cute and from LIME RICKI
love it!

good wrapping job dave!

yes... he used a tampon box to hold my swimsuit! haha

we went to Tucanos with his parents for dinner
lots of yummy MEAT.

and my mom made me a delicious ice cream cake.

it was a wonderful birthday
filled with yummy food
sweet messages from friends

and especially being spoiled by my hubby

i love you all!
thanks to everyone who made my birthday so fun!

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  1. you are so loved girl!! i'm so glad you had such a wonderful birthday! :) p.s. turquoise is your COLOR, no lie.


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